Play AI intends to develop an L2 together with Polygon CDK

Play AI has intentions of developing an L2 with Polygon CDK. The code base will be used to deliver an initial modular chain to speed up AI enhancement in the gaming space.

The ever-changing face of gaming in AI requires a technological base that helps cross obstacles with intelligent gaming and backs the increased personalized pathway for every gamer. Understanding the necessity for a data-based, upgradeable, and low-cost service, PlayAI has decided to build a modular chain of gaming AI with Polygon CDK.

Polygon CDK is an open-source codebase that introduces ZK-boosted L2 chains with malleability, viability, and adaptability. Play AI, in the form of an EVM adaptable modular chain, having privacy-oriented data collection and AI module proof mechanisms, will be developed with Polygon CDK. This is to create a safe and effective gaming AI-oriented rollup. Play AI will work as the intelligence base that initiates the positioning of AI agents needed for gaming in the ecosystem.

With Polygon CDK, Play AI intends to connect with the aggregation layer (AggLayer), which brings together the advantages of the rigid and modular framework by uniting liquidity via secure and atomic cross-chain transactions. This is by utilizing ZK proofs, which assist in building an interconnected network that acts as a sole chain with united liquidity and endless upgradability.

For Play AI network users, it creates connectivity with high-level data, a must for training AI modules throughout all games, and ascertains smooth adaptability with present gaming-oriented chains. This initiates cross-messaging and interoperability in the Play AI ecosystem.

With the help of this tech stack, Play AI intends to develop a space maximized for connectivity with high-level gaming data, making it easy for AI agents to be positioned and incorporated within Web3 games. They will be delivering an NFT for the community in this regard.

Play AI is the initial modular chain for AI in gaming. It is mainly created to offer builders high-level gaming data, make available a framework for positioning AI agents and modules, and reward users for their gaming. Play AI utilizes the decentralized and trustless aspect of Web3 for collecting data.

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