PlayDapp (PLA) Now Accessible on Coinbase

The platform of PlayDapp (PLA) has now been made accessible at Coinbase. The users of Coinbase will now be able to engage in trading, sending, receiving, and storing PLA across the regions supported by Coinbase. With the availability of PlayDapp on Coinbase, traders shall also be able to trade in PLA assets at Coinbase Pro, according to various Coinbase reviews. The Blockchain-oriented platform for gaming is also a marketplace for NFT tokens that is powered by Ethereum. The primary token for executing transactions at PlayDapp is PLA. The game developers can make decent earnings in PLA tokens whenever the users make any in-game purchases during the gaming sessions.

The PLA token’s price today is $1.14. With a supply of 180 million tokens in circulation, PLA token is a good choice for investment as its price is up by almost 69.8%. The launch of PlayDapp at Coinbase Pro is a milestone move for the Blockchain gaming platform. The users of Coinbase will be able to conduct trading in PLA tokens from August 3, 2021, at 9 AM Pacific Time. Commencing from August 2, Coinbase shall not only begin to accept the inbound transfer of PLA tokens but will also allow the transfer of ACH tokens of Alchemy Pay and RAI tokens of Rai Reflex Index.

The order books of PLA-USD, ACH-USD, and RAI-USD shall be launched by Coinbase Pro in three phases as soon as there is sufficient availability of the PLA, ACH, and RAI tokens at the platform. ACH of Alchemy Pay is an Ethereum-driven token that enables financial transactions in various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The platform of Alchemy Pay accepts the payment transaction fee in ACH tokens and empowers the registered customers to rake in rewards in ACH for making purchases. RAI is the Ethereum-based token of the Rai Reflex Index. The platform is driven by a protocol that drives the token’s devaluation and revaluation to stabilize the token’s price. The exchange rate of RAI-USD is determined by the token’s supply and demand dynamics in the market.

At Coinbase, most of the users place requests to add more cryptocurrencies to the platform’s portfolio for an expansion in the base of trading and investment. To respond to the countless requests for more cryptocurrencies, the makers of Coinbase have designed a method of listing assets. This innovative methodology of listing crypto assets shall accelerate the rate of adding more crypto tokens to the portfolio of Coinbase. At present, the platform is also exploring and making investments in new financial tools to enable users to understand the technicalities of cryptocurrencies. For now, the customers can sign up with Coinbase to sell, buy, transfer, receive, store, and convert PLA tokens of PlayDapp.

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