PleasrDAO is going to be hosting virtual live auctions

PleasrDAO, which happens to be a group of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT traders, is soon going to be actively engaged in the hosting of virtual live auctions. This will be happening with the establishment of PleasrHouse. In the case of the uninitiated, this happens to be the very same community that was involved in the purchasing of Martin Shkreli’s Wu-Tang Clan album sometime in the month of July 2021. Now the entity will be continuing with conducting its very own sales. This will apparently begin with an NFT by the likes of Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg, and the Freedom of the Press Foundation. PleasrDAO has also carried out a series of purchases pertaining to culturally-oriented artifacts. 

The entity, according to its general plan of action, will be conducting its inaugural sale in the absolute imminent future. This will be show-casing a non-fungible token (NFT) which has been built with the close association of the whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, and Daniel Ellsberg, who happens to be a reputable political activist. The Freedom of the Press Foundation made its own contribution. A slight tongue-in-cheek comment was made through a tweet in this regard by PleasrDAO, which stated that the revolutionaries would be televised. 

Furthermore, PleasrDAO became well known following their purchase of a segment of the popular Dodge NFT for a sum of $4 million sometime in the month of June 2021. The price was then propelled to a massive amount of $225 million within a short period of approximately three months. It happened to be again in the year 2021 when it went in for the buying of Martin Shkreli’s sole edition of the Wu-Tang Clan’s, Once upon a time in Shaolin album. Martin also happened to be the convicted and much-maligned pharmaceutical executive. 

As per the Chief Pleasing Officer of PleasrDAO, Jamis Johnson, the entity is embarking upon the selling of the items by themselves through on-chain transactions, which will be convenient for the users to take part in the auction. Further, in his opinion, the creation of PleasrHouse happens to be a freshly introduced experiment for the disruption of shared experience in terms of live art auctions. 

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