Pocket Worlds is Launching First-Ever Metaverse Subnet

Pocket Worlds is leveraging its eight years of market experience with the first-ever metaverse subnet. The venture announced Highrise World, a community-owned metaverse backed by a subnet. 

Highrise World will offer users a virtual country with NFT functionality, custom land, and a decentralized marketplace. There are more than 2 million monthly active users on Highrise, and its customers create customized MMO avatars, environments, and clothing.

In addition, the digital world builder witnesses trade of more than 50,000 items every day. Such active user activity motivated the venture to build a subnet to support the Web3 expansion. Highrise will harness its security, customizability, scaling, and speed with the subnet for unmatched results.

Anton Bernstein, Pocket Worlds’ CEO and Co-Founder commented on the recent development. The CEO described Highrise World as a genuine metaverse built by the users. According to Anton, Highrise creates a future where every community or brand has a Discord, Reddit & Highrise.

Highrise will be a custom interactive world with a rich economy filled with digital goods, which will operate on Avalanche’s subnet, the Highrise Blockchain, added Anton.

Highrise will allow any user to build a metaverse community with the latest development. In the long-term, the digital nation will comprise 160,000 land parcels, where every landowner can build a Highrise, and they can use the Highrise World Builder to develop these Highrises.

Subnets will provide Pocket Worlds with the infrastructure to evolve its in-game commerce amid its increasing Gross Domestic Product. The Web2 version of Highrise only allows customers to buy items from the game.


However, the upcoming editions will feature the ability to own the games. In addition, users will be able also to deploy NFTs and merge them with other players’ creations.

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