Pods proudly complete a $5.6 Million seed round

Pods, the popular DeFi company, recently announced raising over 5.6 million dollars to develop structured crypto assets products. The round had names like Framework Ventures, IOSG, 4RC, Republic, etc., as investors.

Rafaella Baraldo, CEO and Founder of Pods, talked about the development. Baraldo says everyone at Pods is proud of building DeFi’s future. The CEO also expressed delight about announcing the completion of the Seeding Round.

The team is delighted about the upcoming stage of developing structured products that will help crypto assets, added Baraldo. The latest post by Pods also talks about numerous stakeholders to identify their requirements. Their feedback is used to improve the platform, showcased by the four security audits.

Furthermore, Pods have talked with all the stakeholders to get to know their needs and have decided to work according to the same. Pods have done security audits on their Pods Yield product. It has helped generate the results and developed a wide range of products assisting the DeFi protocols. Consequently, this helps to develop a low-risk strategy that, in turn, makes their treasury strategy more efficient.

These audits were done on Pods Yield, out of which OpenZeppelin conducted two. Pods generate results while developing products focused on helping DeFi protocols. The platform assists the protocols in elevating their treasury and solidifying their strategy.

With the acquired funds, Pods will help DeFi users to explore professional investment strategies. At the same time, the platform will help DeFi protocols to turn their treasury into an improved financial status.

Pods believe that many DeFi yield strategies rely on liquidity mining campaigns. It triggers heavy risk as many users focus on using spot markets. The platform is foreseeing opportunities to establish derivatives strategies besides liquidity mining. Thus, its risk-to-return analysis is quantitative and transparent.

Pods Yield algorithmically accepts deposits, processes withdrawals, and runs investment strategies as a group of open-source smart contracts. Now, users can deposit stETH and ETH within the vault while also being exposed to a risk-minimal strategy.

Trevor Holman

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