POKKET Announced Partnership With Chaion to Boost Cryptocurrency Development

One of the major partnerships in the crypto world, POKKET, has inked an agreement with Chaion. This partnership will be effective from October 2019 onwards, and POKKET revealed the information in this regard.

Note that POKKET has always been very careful in selecting its strategic partners, and it’s coming together with Chaion signifies that the company is seriously looking at the prospects of blockchain technology. Future cooperation between two leading organizations is sure to benefit the adoption of blockchain among the masses, which is going to bode well for the future of open ledger technology.

Just so you know, POKKET is one of the main cryptocurrency deposit service providers, and it is soon going to include Makkii digital wallet introduced recently by Chaion, in its services. Also, it is important to notice that Makkii has carved out a place for itself among the digital wallet users thanks to its highly protected services and easy to use interface. This digital wallet has been topping the popularity charts, and this is one of the reasons why POKKET has decided to include it in its service portfolio. This new inclusion is sure to help POKKET users better arrange their digital assets by taking advantage of high security provided by both POKKET and Makkii.

Official Statements

Commenting on the occasion, POKKET said that it is very happy to collaborate with Chaion to provide a host of digital wallet services that will ultimately help it to increase its user base. Noting that cryptocurrency has to offer regular services just like the fiat currency such as asset management or deposit services, this development is going to benefit both organizations in an enormous manner. While POKKET is offering crypto deposit services, providing an opportunity for the depositors to earn the interest, Chaion will aid the utility by offering digital assets management services. In sum, both organizations will offer a value constellation to users that will make a more holistic sense for the people to invest in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Chaion voiced similar sentiments as the company expressed its pleasure from this association. The company acknowledges the importance of POKKET in providing several services in the whole blockchain ecosystem that the company has envisaged for the future. In a concluding statement, Chaion said that it is looking forward to this association and hope this relationship and cooperation will strengthen in the coming times.

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