PolisPay Adds DASH Cryptocurrency to Facilitate Users

Taking pride in being one of the best digital currency payments service provider, PolisPay has broadcasted the news about the addition of Dash cryptocurrency in its esteemed list of supported virtual assets including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], DigiByte [DGB] as well as its native token Polis [POLIS].

Cryptocurrencies have been a top topic of discussion since the time when Bitcoin, the first-ever digital currency, was introduced in the market space. Today, when the cryptocurrency arena is enjoying its share of popularity, its mass adoption still remains hidden in clouds of uncertainty, which envelope the crypto domain. The industry, which is fast booming towards worldwide success, is also reeling under the wrath of several obstacles such as incompetent regulatory measures, lack of knowledge, and fear of loss of financial sovereignty amongst governments around the globe.

The lack of liquidity remains an impending issue with cryptocurrencies. Even the ruling digital coin, like Bitcoin, offers limited operational capacities to its users. To cope up with this issue, several crypto projects have been launched in the market that promise to increase the popularity of blockchain by making access for the users easy.

PolisPay is one such platform that allows its customers to indulge in crypto transactions at several places across the world while employing the expertise of MasterCard’s proprietary technology. The users deposit their digital assets in their PolisPay accounts, and the network automatically credits their accounts with fiat money in the proportionate amount. With the help of the card, the users can access their funds through MasterCard ATMs or at any store that supports plastic money.

At present, PolisPay is in its Open Beta testing phase, and any person can test its services before the launch. The project is likely to become a success as it ensures to narrow the gap between digital assets and real-world scenarios. The users will enjoy services like:

  • Storage of supported digital assets
  • Convenient conversion of fiat to crypto
  • Streamlined crypto-to-crypto transactions
  • Management of their native master node by POLIS token holders

The transaction costs on the PolisPay platform will be fixed on a minimum limit and the constant annual fee will be $25. A fee of 3% shall be paid in Polis tokens for fiat-to-crypto conversions. All the trading activities shall be entitled to a charge of $0.14, while the daily limits will be 0.15 BTC and $2,000 per month.

On the other hand, Dash has been quite successful in Latin America, Venezuela, and Colombia because of the financial difficulties prevailing in the countries that have pushed the adoption of crypto in a big way.

Scott Cook

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