Polkacity Partners With readyplayer.me to Use Avatars Across Metaverses

Polkacity has partnered with readyplayer.me. Through this partnership, Polkacity will integrate the game, website, and app of readyplayer.me, enabling players to take the same avatar to various metaverses. Additionally, avatars from readyplayer.me will also be eligible for use on the ecosystem of Polkacity.

The collaboration between Polkacity and readyplayer.me allows players to visit more than 2250 applications and games with the same Polkacity avatar.

Readyplayer.me, through this partnership, will increase the exposure of Polkacity to a huge ecosystem. It will further enlarge the gaming and metaverse prospects across different platforms for Polkacity.

Carmelo, the Chief Executive Officer of Polkacity, expressed his excitement over the partnership stating that both were working towards unifying all metaverses for a seamless experience. Carmela highlighted that Polkacity and readyplayer.me share the same objectives for the metaverse.

Players interested in shaping their avatars can visit the official website with their selfies or a photo in their drive. Upload the selfie for the system to produce an avatar. Onc produced, the base avatar can be used to apply more modifications like hair, clothing, eyes, faces, and accessories, among many others.

Polkacity has drawn a roadmap into the future as well. In the time to come, Polkacity plans to allow its players to use the customized avatar in its upcoming mobile identity management app. Members of the community will be able to mint NFTs for other metaverse avatars.

Avatars created will mention that they are Multi-Metaverse Avatar, credit to the technological backing by readyplayer.me. In other words, players will be able to log in to other universes through a single blockchain identity. It will not be restricted to a single game, and it will go beyond the limit to provide ease of use across the ecosystem of readyplayer.

ReadyPlayer is the owner of Wolf3D and the ecosystem that over 2250 developers access. It is a public company that enables players to explore multiple metaverses through a single avatar.

Polkacity aims to change how a user owns their virtual assets. It plans to do so by building the world’s first 3D and AR platform for non-fungible tokens. The ecosystem of Polkacity enables its users to purchase and own various digital assets like gas stations, taxis, and other services. These digital assets generate interest for the holder. The constantly expanding ecosystem rolls out payments every week.

Polkacity is led by its Chief Executive Officer, Carmelo Milan, who has experience working at Microsoft. Fatih Atali joins him as the marketing advisor. Fatih Atali was the co-founder of Blockchain Game Factory, with an experience of 5 years in cryptocurrency.

The other two team members are Murad Aliyev and Manuel Leal, the technology manager and web developer, respectively. The objectives of Polkacity make it a unique entity. Polkacity aims to become a virtual city that can be directly compared to the actual city.

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