$CVR joins UniFarm’s Cohort 6

An inventive farming solution by the OroPocket Team, UniFarm brings multiple DeFi projects together in one cohort where users can stake and farm multiple tokens. 

PolkaCover joined UniFarm Cohort 6, which launched on the 27th of April. The Cohort 6 reward pool runs for 90 days wherein users can farm $CVR with PolkaCover, $GFX with GamyFi, $RFUEL with RioDeFi, and $ORO with OpenDeFi. While other pools were still open, the $CVR pool was 100% within 48 hours of going live. 

$CVR is the native token of PolkaCover, which is the first DeFi insurance marketplace for the crypto ecosystem, connecting with multinational insurance providers for global insurance products. With its innovative products, PolkaCover will lower transactional and administrative costs of insurance policies and coverage while providing high-value, cost-effective insurance products for the crypto space. 

Unlike traditional farming, UniFarm offers diversification to its token holders by allowing multiple token farming options hence the motto “Stake One, Farm More.” 

This strategy plays a role in reducing volatility and potential risks faced during farming, resulting in enhancing the overall return to the user’s crypto portfolio. This also means higher reward gain for $CVR farmers and stakers.

As farmer, the gain of APY for a single token ranges from 36% up to 250% while being the sole custodian. Farmers also have complete control of personal token activity; hence tokens are not subjected to lockups or penalties apart from the loss of rewards if the token pool is left early. This gives the users the flexibility to stake $CVR and unstake when desired.

So keep an eye out! Get a chance to stake $CVR and reap the rewards!

Find out how to stake your $CVR :

https://bit.ly/3gFd0tL, https://bit.ly/3xMFCHD

Find out about PolkaCover: 

Telegram | Twitter |  LinkedIn | Website | Whitepaper | GitBook

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