Polkadex Mainnet Becomes Active on Substrate

Twelve months after the germination of the project of Polkadex Blockchain, it has successfully become live on Substrate, as an open-access single or solo-chain, on 29 September 2021. In a few days, one can expect the launch of the essential modules of Polkadex, such as the Polkapool, PolkalDO launchpad, and the Polkadex Orderbook- all on the Polkadex Mainnet. The community of Polkadex is attempting to fortify their network by shifting their native crypto token (PDEX) onto the Polkadex Blockchain from Ethereum. They will also be staking their PDEX tokens by authenticating the network and choosing others as the nominees for validation. Since they have engaged in the security activities of the network and helped strengthen its infrastructure, these investors will start reaping the profits of their staking once the PDEX has been completely migrated. 

Implications of the Polkadex Mainnet

Polkadex is the algorithmic trading infrastructure for Ethereum based Web3 applications and decentralized finance (DeFi). It is a vast project and comprises cutting-edge blockchain solutions that form all kinds of combinations with Polkadex main Blockchain as their basis. It is expected that the rest of Polkadex’s modules will be released on this mainnet itself.

After the deployment of the Polkadex Blockchain, validating and nominating investors will ensure its security. The security process of validation and nomination will continue until the chain becomes fully stable. At that point, the PolkalDo, Polkapool, and the other Polkadex Projects will launch on the Blockchain as separate Mainnet launches.

Polkadex and Ethereum: A Comparative Evaluation

The Decentralised Finance schemes launched on Ethereum already have an advantage over those launched on Polkadex because of Ethereum’s existing mainnet that is reportedly stable. Consequently, they face relatively minimal obstacles while launching new projects. Since the Polkadex mainnet is brand-new, the blockchain mainnet will require a brief period of stabilization and distribution before the inauguration of new schemes.

Scott Cook

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