Polkadex Makes Its Brand-New Version, v4.0.0, Accessible

Polkadex has successfully breathed life into its aspirations and plans by making the deliverance of its brand-new version, v4.0.0, which is now in the public domain for one all to connect with. This new version possesses the Orderbook pallet and simply paves the way ahead in preparation for the imminent mainnet deliverance of the ultimate Polkadex Orderbook. The v4.0.0 has also been designed to successfully and confidently upgrade the Polkadex mainnet and act on the validator set limit by removing it once and for all.

To be in complete sync when the Polkadex Orderbook finally launches, all certified users of the Polkadex network must start making the necessary preparations to leverage themselves to the level of v4.0.0. Otherwise, this might prove to be a significant obstacle and setback.

Along with the certified users who are collectively on standby, it is also extremely imperative for all of the other connected players on board, such as the likeness of all exchanges and all of the ecosystem partners, to take the necessary steps and form all of it into actual action, in the extreme empowerment of their individual nodes, to remain on the same page and in absolute tune.

The real reason for these calculated moves and proper preparations is that once the team works and coordinates all matters at Polkadex, they complete the necessary procedure at their end and set off activating the Polkadex Orderbook, the connected bodies will invariably face a lot of inconveniences.

Trevor Holman

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