Pushd reimagines e-commerce: Polkadot & Ethereum investors prepare for market revolution

The current crypto market prioritizes innovation as well as profit-making. This has created a need for investors to buy projects that can easily offer real-world utility while generating profit for investors. Polkadot and Ethereum holders are some of the main investors who want to buy into revolutionary crypto presales.

Pushd is the latest crypto innovation determined to usher in a new era of e-commerce to the market. The platform is creating a marketplace that promotes decentralization while prioritizing investor profit. This has encouraged Polkadot and Ethereum investors to buy Pushd tokens and support the presale throughout its stages.

Polkadot is preparing to introduce a new Blockchain protocol

Polkadot is evolving its blockchain to keep up with the latest market trends. One of its most recent innovations is the JAM (Join-Accumulate Machine) protocol. JAM will combine the properties of Polkadot and Ethereum to increase blockchain scalability. It is currently awaiting community approval before it becomes fully operational.

The JAM protocol will support existing parachains and allow Polkadot developers to carry out their regular operations. The goal is to make Polkadot the gateway to the new blockchain ecosystem. The only thing holding the protocol back now is approval from the Polkadot governance community.

Ethereum investors are making huge speculations

Ethereum has played catchup with Bitcoin for years, but it may soon evolve past its competitor. Investors like Cathie Wood believe that buying Ethereum tokens now is the best way to guarantee profit shortly. She argues that the platform will likely attain a $32 trillion market cap by 2032. Cathie believes that applying Ethereum to more real-world use cases will help elevate its market value.

She also mentioned that Ethereum ETFs could help propel the platform further. While her predictions got many investors excited, some analysts think she is merely throwing around big numbers to increase interest. Granted, applying Ethereum to more DeFi operations will increase its value. However, the token still has a long way to go before attaining mass adoption.

Pushd is making moves to revolutionize the crypto market

Pushd is a decentralized e-commerce marketplace that seeks to improve interactions between vendors and buyers. It is developing an ecosystem where buyers can easily find the products they need. Vendors only need to list and describe their products alongside their desired prices. Vendors even have the option of letting Pushd auction their products.

Vendors can also determine the kind of crypto they want to use to receive payments. To make the process seamless, Pushd had a swap service where buyers could easily exchange their crypto. This ensures that buyers can get the currency they need for their purchases within seconds. An added advantage of using Pushd is that all deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous. This removes the risk of having to wait for long periods before accessing your funds.

Presale investors have the added advantage of earning revenue from the platform when it launches. Your rewards will be directly proportional to the size of your Pushd presale holdings.

Explore the Pushd website and find out what else you can get from the presale.

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