Polkadot Staking Dashboard 1.1 goes live

Polkadot Staking Dashboard 1.1 is now live, and the community is hailing it as a big release. For all the right reasons, one can assume that there are many features that the Staking Dashboard brings with it. At the core is data availability for choosing a balanced set of validators. There is an option to review the metrics that depict how productive validators have been. Additionally, they can be chosen or found based on selected criteria determined by users.

To start with, a 14-day validator performance report facilitates the availability of statistics that serve the purpose of understanding how validators respond. Their quality of performance is primarily determined by how active they have been. The same is reflected on the performance graph, which drops when they have been inactive for a long time.

All the stats are backed by the names of validators, along with the facility to sync asynchronously.

Categories like “Top 25%”, “Top 50%”, and “Top 75%” have been made available to classify validators better. Needless to say, their categorization depends on how they perform. The aim here is to make it convenient for the community to choose nominees based on where they stand on the charts.

The 14-Day Performance Report now applies to the Validators List, with the option set to default. Making things interesting is the fact that performance graphs also apply to Nomination Pools. Numbers will be displayed per era of validators or validators that are backed by the pool.

Data synchronization may take longer than usual since more data is required for report generation. UI has gained the entire screen with the launch of Polkadot Staking Dashboard 1.1. The objective is to enable the management of nominations effectively. This development takes over the previously introduced canvas overlay, which covers the entire window. The Manage button makes the option of managing nominations accessible. It can be located right next to the Stop button. The Manage button is available for nominators and pool operators.

The list can be generated based on performance, preference, activity, and random criteria. Up to sixteen validators may be nominated. Changes are reversible, and the window can be closed entirely. Submit the list in the overlay directly.

Validators who have been consistently at the top of their game come up when filters (Optimal Selection and Active Low Commission) are selected. The same considers 14-day performance metrics. Users are at the end of receiving benefits; this is evident from the instance where they constantly have a chance to claim rewards by choosing nominees who are reliable and active. Staking Dashboard supports MetaMask through the MetaMask Polkadot Snap.

Account Management UI is currently unavailable, restricting support for multiple accounts. Meaning it only has support for a single account, with more UI support expected to be rolled out in the times to come.

Staking Dashboard has opened up an RPC provider that connects to nodes, helping to mitigate a connection to Parity’s node in the process.

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