Polkamon Collectible NFTs are Coming to Elrond

If you frequently visit the cryptocurrency market, you might have heard the buzz about digital collectibles. What are digital collectibles, and how do they work? These are online tokens that will represent any memorabilia, be it from art or games and sports. Since physical collectibles have their own lifespan and wear and tear or get destroyed after a certain period, they are gradually losing demand. Instead, the trend is to purchase digital collectibles, which you can store forever, and won’t have to fear losing them or “handling with care.”

Blockchain collectibles by Elrond are a highly specialized version of these digital collectibles. At Elrond, we have combined Blockchain technology with the internet to provide super-fast transactions of a minimum of 1000 per second without draining the user’s finances. And we are about to release our star feature today- Elrond Unidragon from Polkamon!

Yes, from the third quarter of 2021 onwards, fans of Polkamon animated gaming characters can access these collectibles exclusively from Elrond. Earlier, we had announced our line of Terra Virtua digital collectibles via Elrond NFT. The latest addition to our platform is the Polkamon team’s amazing characters!

What will be the USP of these brand new Polkamon x Elrond collectibles?

Firstly, our NFTs at Elrond make us a notch higher than our competitors in the Blockchain collectible market. We use the Non-fungible tokens or units of data directly in our mainnet protocol, making them accessible faster and at a minimal cost. The Polkamon collectibles will be available as a form of Blockchain NFTs on our platform. You will be able to open a booster pack and get surprises in the form of new and fun digital Polkamon collectibles, with the value increasing the moment you own them. Furthermore, their uniqueness makes it a source of additional income for you, just like those rare trading cards you so loved to own.

How long will Elrond Polkamon Unidragon be available?

Since it is a very limited edition, it will be available only for 7 days after it’s released. The chances are rare that you will get one, almost 0.02% that is 1 among 5000, so hurry up and grab yours. If you don’t get one, don’t be disappointed, we have several more collectibles for you, including all the 10 Polkamon dragons with different horns and their exclusive rare features. If you are lucky enough, you can bag a glitter one too!

Scott Cook

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