Polkastar Announced NFT Metaverse Land Sales

Polkastar has promised its customers great news in Q4. Because of this revelation, the whole Polkastarter crew is rocking their Metaverse right now. The firm is now launching its very first NFT Metaverse Land Sales on Polkastarter.

You can buy virtual real estate right from the top Metaverse ventures starting in December. In these virtual worlds like Highstreet, Wilder World, ChainGuardians, and Realm, people will be able to walk around, visit buildings, and attend events. You can white list to participate using a rapid interface, just as with the conventional token sales on Polkastarter.s.

Land is essential in the Metaverse, just as it is in the real world. The better the site, the higher the price, so these property auctions are crucial. Land packs of new Metaverse and projects launched with Polkastar will be available for purchase on Polkastarter. You can organize the NFT, which is curated for the Realm Universe, hold the NFT car, and present off in Wilder World’s virtual city.

Polkastarter earlier released the Metaverse series. Some of the highlights are:

The play-to-earn Immersive NFT Metaverse will allow players engaged in technical and non-technical roles will have opportunities and also explore all the dreams of Metaverse.

From developers to artists and designers, everyone can build personalized Metaverse and curate the NFT exhibitions and do the trading.

Players, makers, and collectors can communicate with one another, engage, and share their unique experiences.

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is a decentralized platform for launching innovative Blockchain and digital coin concepts. Polkastarter identifies the most creative initiatives in the area and provides long-term assistance following their IDOs using an industry-leading curation methodology and market access.

Crypto projects may use Polkastarter to expand their reach, build communities, and gain help from the industry’s most knowledgeable specialists. Participants in IDOs will have the option of investing in a secure and regulated environment, participating in the reputed IDOs not just on Ethereum but on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

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