Polkastarter Announced a Partnership with Big Time

Polkastarter’s role in the blockchain gaming world has grown significantly with the formal release of Polkastarter Labs and Polkastarter Gaming. Polkastarter has committed to assisting gaming ventures with high potential and long-term goals, whether through IDOs, incubations, or collaborations. That’s why they were overjoyed to reveal their completely new collaboration with a rising-star business, Big Time.

Polkastarter is now collaborating with Big Time to:

  • Allow Polkastarter Gaming Guild quick access to Big Time gameplay beta testing.
  • Receive access to SPACE NFTs.
  • Employ trainers in Big Time Employ trainers in Big Time gameplay.
  • Launching scholarships for Polkastarter Gaming Guild.
  • Collaboration and other actions involving both the communities

Big Time is a GameFi initiative that Polkastarter strongly supports as it is one of the first triple-A games available. Polkastarter wants them to succeed in this environment, so they’ve placed a significant stake in Big Time’s economy.

Big Time is a new multiplayer gaming company dedicated to generating online experiences through time and space and developing titles that attract a varied and global audience. Big Time has proven to be a wonderful experience for Harry Potter and Doctor Who lovers. Players journey to the far edge of the universe to join Evermore Academy, a classroom where history’s most remarkable individuals educate a young generation on how to become time-traveling heroes.

To start this collaboration, Polkastarter will host an exclusive AMA with the Big Time crew on the Polkastarter Gaming Guild’s Discord channel on Wednesday, December 8th at 8:00 PM UTC (3:00 PM EST).

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is a fully decentralized launching pad for fresh blockchain and virtual asset ideas. They identify the most creative initiatives in the area and provide long-term assistance for their IDOs using an industry-leading curating methodology and access to markets.

Polkastarter allows cryptocurrency initiatives to expand their operations, expand their communities, and gain more support from the industry’s most knowledgeable specialists. IDO users can invest in a safe and regulated environment and participate in IDOs not just on Ether but on Binance Smart Chain & Polygon.

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