Polkastarter Gaming partners with Magic Eden for a brighter Web3 future

According to the Head of Polkastarter Gaming, Omar Ghanem, they happen to be extremely thrilled to make their formal announcement of having forged an exclusive partnership with Magic Eden. 

This partnership will bring about a huge storehouse of gaming opportunities for all Web3 gamers. Furthermore, the collaboration will make the gaming experience for all gamers much more accessible and enjoyable within the gaming ecosystem.

Polkastarter Gaming happens to be actively involved with the game discovery, reviews, guides, news and also quests that are at the very core of the Web3 gaming arena.

In the year gone by, they happened to have been instrumental in organizing the biggest ever Web3 gaming event, the GAM3 Awards. This very event managed to rope in more than 15,000 live reviews, as well as 250,000 community votes, which featured $1 million in terms of prizes for popular games. 

Magic Eden, on the other hand, happens to be an absolute top-of-the-line multi-chain NFT platform and boasts of pulling in 22 million visitors in a month. It also happens to be possessing more than 8,000 collections exhibiting high-end NFTs.

This was carried out in order to be able to incorporate Web3 gaming, as well as multi-chain NFTs, for the building of a healthier and inclusive gaming ecosystem. Through this collaboration, they will also find themselves being able to raise their platform, along with content creation through various socials. 

They will also be providing the required exposure to high-standard Web3 games. Players will also benefit from gaining access to new and more game titles. Similar thoughts happened to have been shared by the Chief Gaming Officer at Magic Eden, Chris Akhavan.  

With this merger in place, it will be possible for them to be able to connect the projects existing on their launchpad with the online gaming community. They will also benefit from the backing of content creation and ways and means of going through the Web3 gaming arena. 

Roxanne Williams

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