Poloniex To Give Stellar Inflation Reward To Its Users

Poloniex announced stellar inflation reward for customers who has a Stellar balance.  Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange that only allows pure cryptocurrency exchange. Poloniex employs a volume-specific charging plan in order to promote robust liquidity and tighter spreads in our markets.

Based on the daily average of the BTC-USD rate, we calculate your fees based on your last 30 days of volume and adjust your fees dynamically to the following timetable:

The update will be completed in the next weeks, and once Stellar Lumens has been activated, it will be transmitted to eligible customers in proportion to Stellar Lumens held by Poloniex account holders.

On the other hand, Stellar (XLM) also announced that new Stellar Lumens would be given to stellar owners, who obtain 0.05 percent of the votes, at 1 percent per year by the Stellar Network. We will start voting for our hot baggage shortly with our cold storage addresses.

Stellar is a decentralized open-source payment protocol that allows for rapid transactions across all currencies. It uses blockchain technology, like other cryptocurrencies. Its native asset is called lumen (XLM), the digital currency. Similar to how ether (ETH) power the Ethereum network, XLM enables Stellar to operate and to run the entire system.

Stellar’s consensus method enables fast and cheap transactions, with everybody within a few seconds agreeing on the validity of the transaction. A shared and distributed public directory, a database accessible to everyone in the world, is added to transactions in the Stellar network.

Trevor Holman

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