Poloniex’s “TRC20-USDT Deposit Promotion” is Offering 100% yield & Extra Rewards

In the celebration of the New Year 2020, the crypto exchange Poloniex has started a new TRC20-USDT deposit promotion. It has started from 15th Jan and will run until 3rd Feb.

This promotion is laden with attractions such as the participants can earn the highest annual yield on TRC20-USDT. On top of that, the top depositors also stand a chance to earn extra TRC20-USDT in this promotion phase.

How does the annual yield promotion work?

The condition for the Poloniex users to stand a chance to earn the annual yield is for them to have a total net deposit of minimum 100 TRC20-USDT, during every promotional phase. The yield will be up to 100 percent on the net deposit amount. There are three such promotional phases.

How to calculate the net deposit?

It is simple, simply minus the total amount of USDT withdrawn or sold (on TRON, Omni, or Ethereum) from the total amount of TRC20-USDT deposited. Only the amount withdrawn or deposited which belongs to the phase will be considered.

What are the promotional periods?

Here are the three promotional phases:

  1. 15th Jan (0000 HRS) UTC to 15th Jan (23:59) UTC:

This one-day promotion, as per reposts, will offer an “annual yield of 100% on total TRC20-USDT net deposit.”

  1. 16th Jan (0000 HRS) UTC to 19th Jan (23:59) UTC:

It is 4 days phase that will offer the “annual yield of 60% on total TRC20-USDT net deposits,” as per reports.

  1. 20th Jan (0000 HRS) UTC to 3rd Feb (23:59) UTC:

This phase will last for 15 days and will offer an “annual yield of 30% on the total TRC20-USDT net deposits.”

Attractions for the top depositors:

Those who will deposit the maximum number of TRC20-USDT will win from a pool of 31K USDT!

The top 20 depositors from the period of 15th Jan to 3rd Feb will be given extra rewards in addition to the annual yield. The users can check their ranks on the Poloniex leader-board.

The winners will get their rewards within three weeks after the competition ends.

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