Polygon 2.0 to propel the chain into the top 3 ranks by 2024

Experts are laying out their predictions by putting Polygon on the list of the top three chains for the next year. Needless to say, this is merely an estimate, with the actual outcome inclined to drive either way. The majority of the prediction is based on the fact that Polygon 2.0 will change the course of its ecosystem. Another aspect is the mass adoption of Web3 and the upcoming $POL listing.

Polygon Miden is leading by being at the center of the vision for Polygon 2.0. It aims to bring unified liquidity and seamless bridging at a higher speed. Two more elements supporting Polygon Miden in its endeavor are account abstraction and unparalleled privacy.

zk revolution talks about projects that are using Polygon CDK. Experts believe that there is an increase in the number of projects that are about to launch zk ETH L2 chains. With the number on the rise, there is a possibility that more projects could join the list that already houses OKX. Moreover, activities on the network are soaring rapidly. This is evident by the fact that Polygon PoS recently registered 16,449,264 transactions.

Experts assert that this is an extraordinary development, given that the figure was recorded amidst bearish sentiments. In other words, the quantity is anticipated to surpass the ATH when sentiments revert to their previous adverse state.

At the time of writing this article, MATIC’s price has increased by 3.55% in the last 24 hours, reaching $0.7821. Based on the current price scenario, technological developments, and  MATIC price prediction, the price of Polygon will go upwards soon.

It is safe to assume that predictions drawn by experts are also contributing to the rise of MATIC and the Polygon ecosystem. Lugano has announced that it has upgraded its payment application to add Polygon PoS and enable over 30,000 users in the city to settle select transactions.

There is a difference in the region, but the fact that Polygon is emerging as an ideal candidate with the ability to support innovation and back Web3 growth makes it the top contender to enter the highest-ranked chains in the days to come. Polygon 2.0 is a broader concept that will kick-start growth. It could then be city-level developments or similar developments that boost the community’s confidence.

Members have expressed excitement and optimism about the predicted roadmap, most of them hoping that POL does wonders and Miden actually revolutionizes growth. Many members have also said that only Polygon is leading the charts in terms of daily active users among Layer 2.

The 24-hour volume of Polygon is down by 42.48%, while there is a rise of 3.71% in its market cap.


MATIC has a chance of surpassing $1 in valuation. Polygon as a chain can only claim a similar development once it registers the results.

Trevor Holman

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