Polygon 2.0 token upgrade launches on Ethereum mainnet

Polygon has announced that the upgraded version of its POL token is now available on the Ethereum mainnet.

The announcement came through an official tweet and post on Polygon’s website and X/Twitter. The tweet talked about how the Polygon 2.0 upgrade is a roadmap to scale Ethereum for building the Value Layer of the Internet.

POL is presented as Polygon future, a next-gen token that will power an ecosystem of L2 chains. POL holders will be able to validate multiple chains with the new hyperproductive token thanks to its built-in re-staking protocol.

At the same time, the token holders can execute multiple roles on every chain. This process solidifies POL’s position as a hyperproductive token. With this achievement, Polygon has showcased its months of consultation, development, and successful launch.

Besides this, the POL upgrade is paving the way for the upcoming Polygon milestones. Some of these milestones are the release of a new staking layer for Polyuygon Layer 2 chains, updating PoS on Polygon to zkRollup, and integrating a shared liquidity protocol and an advanced ZK-powered interoperability for the chains.

To maintain the utmost transparency among users, Polygon answered several FAQs on its website. The network even shared a list of its upcoming goals via PIP-18 Polygon 2.0 Phase 0-Frontier and Polygon 2.0 Vision.

Users were also notified that neither the Polygon PoS nor the Polygon zkEVM networks would experience any disruptions as a result of this upgrade. The current contracts on the network will continue to function normally. Moreover, Polygon has invited MATIC holders to leave their ideas and suggestions for the new token.


The Polygon community has warmly welcomed the update, indicating a sustainable success for the token. Now that the hyperproductive token is on Ethereum, Polygon is setting the stage to release back-to-back updates in the coming months.

Trevor Holman

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