Polygon and Decentral Games Launch Play-to-Earn Games

According to reports by Matic Network price prediction, Decentral Games recently announced its integration with Polygon PoS,  to launch play-to-earn games for the community of gaming metaverse. Polygon Studios will make investments and put $DG tokens on stake at Decentral Games to address scalability issues and eliminate prolonged outages due to maintenance during gameplay. The integration between Decentral Games and Polygon PoS will also enable interoperability and facilitate the cross-chain transfer of assets and increase the liquidity for the gaming metaverse community. Users will also be able to take the advantage of quick transactions at low costs. 

The Polygon platform is engineered for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. The core component of Polygon is Polygon SDK. It is a flexible and modular framework that aids in connecting and developing Secured Chain, including Validium, zkRollups, and Optimistic Rollups and Standalone Chains such as Polygon PoS. The Ethereum scaling solution is used for powering more than 500 dApps, 567 million regular transactions, and 6 million daily transactions. Through the integration, Polygon is going to be the third-largest Polygon node that will be able to power $MATIC transactions worth $131 million to generate revenue for the holders of $DG tokens. With Polygon PoS as its Blockchain partner, Decentral Games will develop the play-to-earn economy and the metaverse in the years to come. 

Powered by Ethereum network, Decentral Games seeks to improve game mechanics and encourage users to engage in play-to-earn gaming through its integration with Polygon. The platform is backed by rich sponsorships and prominent partners that facilitate the successful launch of new releases in the metaverse community. The key investor of the platform is the Digital Currency Group. The GameFi DAO platform of Decentral Games is the foremost metaverse gaming project that is known to be the first platform to offer opportunities of metaverse employment.

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