Polygon and OCEEF Introduce Deep-Sea Exploration to Web3

Polygon has taken the unique and profound initiative of formally joining up with the Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF) to successfully and very effectively create awareness regarding all aspects related to deep-sea explorations. This is an avenue and line less frequented by the masses; indeed, there is so much existing knowledge that is out of the general reach of people. 

This is an entire world that people are kept out of, considering the plethora of knowledge and intrigue it holds. There is seemingly no end to the possibilities, where deep-sea explorations are concerned, and all the treasure of information it holds within its fold. Besides, the primary objective is connecting people to the vast unexposed, and less ventured part of our world and filling them with the knowledge of how it holds so much influence in our daily lives.

In this joint endeavor, which by itself is admirable, the enormous task ahead for both Polygon and OCEEF jointly will be to formally and very effectively create an environment for one and all to begin taking a keen interest and fascination for something that has not been prevalent in any such way that it is indeed deserving of and open the doors and windows of the mind to eagerly want to grasp every bit of information that will now be enthusiastically shared.

To give this ambitious project more of a push, a modern and technically advanced vessel is introduced, namely the RV Odyssey. In other words, this will be the vessel through which deeper knowledge regarding the seas and what lies beneath will slowly be unfolded.  

The distributed governance platform from Polygon will assist OCEEF in raising involvement and helping the project by purchasing NFTs. It will be possible for participants to contribute to decisions about location, participation, and mission.

David Cox

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