Polygon and Wanchain Usher in a New Phase of Blockchain Interoperability

Wanchain and Polygon expressed their delight when they announced a strategic agreement that will expedite the advancement of compatible blockchain technology in general and push further usage of Layer-two cross-chain bridging.

Wanchain would implement direct, decentralized cross-chain links between Arbitrum and Polygon to further strengthen Polygon’s status as a major platform for Ether scalability and infrastructure building. Polygon’s increasing array of services, including Polygon PoS, Polygon Hermez, Polygon Avail & Polygon SDK, will benefit from this Layer 2-to-Layer 2 link.

Wanchain, the one and only initiative that permits completely decentralized cross-chain payments across separated diverse blockchain networks, is a blockchain-based interoperability system that unites the globe’s isolated blockchain-based networks. Binance Smart Chain,  Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Moonriver, Wanchain, Avalanche, EOSIO, Polkadot, and XRP Ledger is already supported by Wanchain’s cross-chain framework. Wanchain’s status as the largest and most powerful cross-chain solution is strengthened by the integration of Polygon’s Layer-two bridges.

Wanchain and Polygon share the same interest in blockchain-based interoperability. They anticipate that numerous Layer-two solutions would exist side by side, which in order to sustain the utility of scaling solutions, distinct Layer 2 blockchains would need to enable assets, info, and orders to move seamlessly through one Layer-two blockchain to the another.

It’s the first time that decentralized liquidity pools have been used to power cross-chain bridging. It is a significant step forward in the blockchain sector’s drive towards decentralized cross-chain procedures and functions. This method is substantially different from the sector-standard Lock-Mint-Burn-Unlock method originally described by Wanchain. Wanchain believes that passing through Ether while migrating from one Layer-two to another is self-defeating and entirely destroys Polygon’s promised better scalability. Wanchain’s latest Layer-two bridges maintain Polygon’s fast transaction throughput & cheap cost while staying effective, adaptable, and decentralized.

About Wanchain

True DeFi is compatible — Wanchain, the Large Area Network blockchain, is the world’s leading blockchain-based interoperability option. Their objective is to encourage blockchain acceptance through interoperability by constructing completely decentralized bridges which link the globe’s numerous fragmented blockchain networks. This cross-chain platform allows programmers to develop genuinely decentralized cross-chain apps that will fuel the growth of DeFi for the future.

Trevor Holman

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