Polygon announces Type-1 upgrade to the zkEVM prover

Polygon Labs, in partnership with Toposware, has revolutionized technology by introducing a Type 1 Prover that utilizes the zkEVM polygon. Such phenomenal advancements in blockchain technology enable any EVM chain to transition into a ZK L2 network and is integrated into the entire Polygon ecosystem via its Aggregation Layer without requiring complex integration. 

This discovery has the potential to revolutionize blockchain by lowering transaction fees, increasing transaction processing efficiency, and improving user experiences across all Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit)-developed chains.

The release of the Type 1 zkEVM prover marks a huge step forward in blockchain development, especially because it can generate zero-knowledge proofs for authentic Ethereum mainnet blocks. This accomplishment contradicts previous records that raised concerns about whether large-scale confirmations of complete Ethereum blocks were either impossible or monetarily unfeasible. 

With this breakthrough, it can now prove up to hundreds of transactions within a single block for as little as $0.20–$0.50, and the price is likely to drop by about 30–50 times following continued advancements and optimization.

Polygon Labs and Toposware collaborating through a joint venture allows for great progress in blockchain technology. This successful partnership is best demonstrated by producing a Type 1 prover that is publicly available. It is also available on GitHub under the MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses, showing a willingness to share with others.

This endeavor is consistent with Polygon Labs’ long-standing aim of pioneering zero-knowledge-proof solutions. Their earlier work resulted in Plonky2/Starky, the quickest proving system available today, and Polygon zkEVM, which includes a prover system. 

Adding the Type 1 zkEVM prover is a significant step forward because it provides the most efficient ZK-EVM, allowing for quick proofing of Layer 1 Ethereum blocks at a much-reduced cost.

According to Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, the Type 1 ZK-EVM Prover focuses on compatibility with Ethereum. It enables the creation of proofs in chains that inherit EVM with no alterations. This level of preservation assures that all Ethereum components in its execution process remain conservative, making it valuable for developers who want to maintain the ecosystem’s integrity while employing zero-knowledge proofs.

Aside from its technological superiority, the Type 1 prover is a critical component of Polygon Labs’ approach to scaling blockchain through aggregation. This unique technique addresses the disintegration caused by blockchain scale while creating a homogeneous and linked multi-chain environment. 

Upgrading to Type 1 and the Aggregation Layer now allows default EVM chains that may be connected to the Polygon network to have Ethereum liquidity flow through them without undesired intrusions. This paves the way for a frictionless and seamlessly connected blockchain ecosystem.

The future of ZK Technology appears promising, as Plonky3 and Type 1 Prover enhancements are among the innovations propelled forward by Polygon Labs. Such advancements not only serve as evidence of Polygon Labs’ dedication to blockchain innovation but also demonstrate how Ethereum’s future will be dominated by novel opportunities for scalability, efficiency, and interoperability; this is why Ethereum continues to be the market leader in blockchain technology.

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