Polygon in the process of creating the Value Layer

Polygon is in the process of creating the Value Layer for the internet, which will allow a user to build, as well as share and program the Value Layer. This is similar to the internet offering the option of building and sharing information. The internet is known to establish connectivity with information. It makes it possible for decentralized finance, digital ownership, and new mechanics to blend, along with many other features. 

In the case of Polygon, it is Polygon 2.0 that will provide the necessary assistance in creating the Value Layer. There are a lot of suggested upscaling activities that restructure nearly every bit of Polygon. This begins from the protocol framework and extends to tokenomics through governance matters.

Ethereum was instrumental in bringing about the idea of the Value Layer. It opens the doors for users to carry out the building, as well as the sharing and programming of the Value Layer in the most convenient ways and with all safety factors in place. All of this takes place without any external interference. However, it is a known fact that Ethereum and the crypto ecosystem are not akin to the internet. In the case of the internet, it is endlessly upgradeable and unified.

In the case of separate blockchains, they cannot be upgraded endlessly. To achieve that, there is the necessity of building additional chains. This is where Polygon 2.0 comes in, as it is a network consisting of ZK boosted L2 chains which are kept together with the help of a unique cross-chain coordination protocol. For a user, the experience will be like utilizing a sole chain. It can shoulder an endless number of chains, as well as cross-chains. This brings about the scenario of endless upgradability and unified liquidity. Polygon 2.0 will be the much-required Value Layer that will act as the internet. Polygon 2.0 has witnessed the participation of Polygon Labs and developers, researchers, and other experts in their fields.

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