Polygon introduces Surfaceboard.xyz by Layer-E

The Polygon NFT community has something to be happy about. Per the announcement by Polygon Labs, Surfaceboard.xyz is now live with three core features. It has been developed by Layer-E to offer a 360-degree view of the NFT ecosystem of Polygon. Other features demonstrate a growing suite of tools for creators and access to new projects on a weekly basis.

The development is in response to the demand put forth by the community. It grants creators access to tools and insights which can be leveraged for several benefits. Some of them include being able to launch a collection of non-fungible tokens, creating activations of the same, and handling NFTs that are spam.

y00ts is the initial entrant to Surfaceboard.xyz. Layer-E has ensured its grand welcome by offering special dashboards. Moreover, every y00ts receives a special pass, granting them early access beginning 12 hours from the bridging.

Users can head over to the platform to access their genesis access pass. Once they are inside, they will be able to connect with tribes of holders, review rich data, and view new & upcoming projects through the genesis pass.

The market cap has been reported to be 54.14k, with an estimated MATIC price of $1.09 at the time of drafting this article. A total of 375.24k NFT collections are available, and 15.95 NFT wallets have already been linked. y00ts has not just received a warm welcome but has also been at the top of the charts, followed by Trump Digital Card and Owlpha.

A floor price of 1.67 has been reported for y00ts and is currently seeing a change of 11.00% for the supply of 11.75k. The average price, so far, has been 1.93.

Early migrators for y00ts have earned 5 USDC, and there is a chance for them to pocket BTC. Layer-E could also soon come up with a reward for early migrators. While it has not been announced yet, details can be expected to come at the earliest, with Layer-E being the official messenger for the same.

Polygon has also reported that the IRS is considering treating non-fungible tokens as taxable collectibles. Meaning an NFT could soon cost more than it usually does. Nexon, meanwhile, is expected to collaborate with Polygon. Both will bring NFT to the world of gaming. MapleStory currently rides on over 180 million registered users. The partnership is very well-positioned to benefit everyone in the ecosystem.


NFTs are growing, and the iGaming industry is driving the major portion of it. Developers understand that players now prefer to own a character or digital avatar and pick their wearables to boost in the virtual world. Other industries that are trying their hands to keep up with the pace of the NFT industry are music and art, among many others. Surfaceboard.xyz coming into the picture is a major move.

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