Polygon Labs announces the launch of zkEVM launchpad

Polygon Labs has announced the launch of the Polygon zkEVM Launchpad. While the offering has been rolled out, it is only in Stage 3 that the community will experience the full-fledged functionality of zkEVM. That said, there are 3 stages in which Polygon Labs is rolling out the Polygon zkEVM Launchpad.

Stage 1 has been completed; it lasted over 10 months. The objective was to test security and uptime. Both have been defined as crucial responsibilities, adding that the focus on Mainnet Beta also enabled the team to scale and grow the infrastructure.

That was a success, and that has paved the way for the launch of Stage 2. Stage 2 of Polygon zkEVM is expected to last for the next 2 months. Polygon’s second stage will shift its focus to launching new dApps and making them available for users.

Another component of the second stage is education, in which Polygon has committed to providing information about what its team is working on in the future months. The end of the testing phase will mark a turning point. Polygon will be able to better its clients and hence increase its throughput.

Finally, Polygon Labs will head toward the third stage. Stage 3 is where full activation will happen. Needless to say, it will follow only the successful results obtained in the previous two stages, Stage 1 and Stage 2. The final stage will see major upgrades flow into the ecosystem to remove all limitations that otherwise hinder the productivity or throughput of the network. Campaigns will also be launched, and dApps will be deployed on Polygon zkEVM during Stage 3.

The arrival of the Polygon zkEVM season is marked by awarding an OG Polygon Badge to users. Users can receive the badge by registering within the next 48 hours (from when the announcement was made). Those who register will be able to obtain the badge. Among other features, portfolio management, alpha quest participation, and staking rewards are available to all users, regardless of when they register.

Members of the community have responded positively to this development. Most of them are looking forward to the experience, which is reflected in the value of MATIC, the native token of Polygon.

MATIC is currently being upgraded to POL. Before that, MATIC was seeing a rise of 1.91%, being traded at $0.9171 at the time of drafting this article. Speculation is that the token may eventually gear up for the packed tag of $1. A definite timeline has not been predicted, but it will surely get a boost in the next couple of days, especially with the Polygon zkEVM launchpad live on the table.


Polygon has concluded Stage 1 of Polygon zkEVM. It is initiating Stage 2, which will run for the next 2 months. March will see Stage 3 being rolled out for full activation.

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