Polygon Labs submits response to the UK’s HM Treasury

During the month of February 2023, HM Treasury, the department of the UK government responsible for financial regulations, issued an invitation for a consultation and a request for evidence regarding the establishment of future regulatory rules pertaining to crypto assets. This drew attention to the seriousness with which the UK government views becoming a global hub for crypto asset technology, a persistently pursued goal.

The proposal related to HM Treasury’s consultation is indeed extensive, thought-provoking and highlights the requirement of a healthy regulatory set of rules that need to be laid down and implemented in terms of the overall crypto asset industry. All of this stems from a lot of research as well as close observation of the current crypto asset ecosystem. It is also borne out of the deep-rooted connection the UK government has in this arena. 

In the initial phase, the concentration will be on centralized crypto asset intermediaries (CeFi), along with providers of tokens, much like the EU’s way of dealing with the Markets in Cryptoassets Regulation (MiCA) that has been set in place. The call for evidence is reaching out for information and suggestions related to unique applications of blockchain technology. This includes factors such as decentralized finance, mining, validation, and sustainability.  


On its part, Polygon Labs, in its reply, has offered extensive amounts of information in connection with DeFi, as well as NFTs and various sorts of decentralized tokens and facts related to validation and sustainability. The team at Polygon Labs is extremely pleased to know that global regulators such as the HM Treasury are paying so much attention to forming regulations for the crypto asset industry, which will be instrumental in giving it the required boost and safeguarding the interests of consumers.

Roxanne Williams

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