Polygon Network Initiates Blind Boxes Launch as Part of Its Product Update

July is set to witness a Layer-2 scaling that would include the initiation of Blind Boxes providing support to Polygon. The vision of the collaboration is to aid the non-fungible tokens or NFTs through a robust decentralized computing and software ecosystem. Ever since the March IDO, the measured and chalked-out roadmap boosts the pathway for increasing scalability and interoperability. The Binance Smart Chain’s launch of Mainnet Beta and its furtherance in June to assist Ethereum Mainnet have been milestones. The Polygon Network launch will be another imminent milestone for the project. 

Polygon Network is deemed as the stack scaling solution for the Ethereum network. A vital component that has been regarded by many as the internet of blockchains for Ethereum. Unlocking the ability to venture to the BLES community for the Ethereum users through the latest update that entails migrating the ERC-721 standard tokens onto the Polygon Network is much lauded. This will see a comparative reduction in fees and faster modes of throughput transactions. The Polygon Network Creators have the benefit of continuing with their NFT minting. This is directed through the ERC-721 standard, which incorporates several benefits, including the effects on the network and the prodigious user experience. The opening up of the Blind Boxes platform for an ensemble of creators and collectors interacting with the Polygon Network is an additional take-in. The integration is set to raise awareness as the Blind Boxes Marketplace sees inclusion in the Network community of Polygon. 

The unwavering support showcased by the community members has been thanked, and the foreseeable future would see several more exciting developments on the cards. The creators can get their work featured through the Blind Boxes. Talent managers, collectors, and brands can become a curator of Blind Boxes if they have the needed talent. The curators can launch Mystery box collections to earn commission through the entire collection featuring NFT’s. 

Decoding Blind Boxes

The launchpad and a gamified platform for curation, the Blind Boxes, is a highly scalable decentralized application. One that aids the diversification of revenue streams for the brands and creators increases creative assets and liquidity. A step entails leading the decentralized global economies by collecting a limited edition of NFTs by engaging as much with the prospective buyers and fans. The Marketplace for Blind Boxes has a lot of thrill and excitement packed in for the buyers and fans through the curated NFT collections that are time-released.  

Knowing Polygon

Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development is ensured through a well-structured and user-friendly platform named the Polygon, whose core components include multiple variants. These include a modular and a flexible framework called the Polygon SDK that assists in developing and connecting chains that are secured. The list consists of the chains of Plasma, zkRollups, Optimistic Rollups, and Validium.

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