Polygon partners with Earn Alliance to boost up the Web3 gaming community

Polygon has announced its partnership with Earn Alliance, a web3 gaming community & infrastructure platform, to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming. Another objective of the partnership is to onboard over a hundred million players in the community. Blockchain gaming is the future, and the partnership looks to ensure that its adoption brings that future closer.

The development comes days before the alpha launch of Earn Alliance. The tentative launch date is December 15, 2022. It is based on the belief that the gaming ecosystem can positively change players’ lives. The belief is strongly complemented by the supply of knowledge, tools, and community, courtesy of Earn Alliance.

Earn Alliance targets not just single players but also communities and games looking to reach out to more players. The success of the partnership will surely have a positive impact on other players as well.

Both partners bring leverageable points to the table. Earn Alliance is looking to onboard some big Web3 projects and publishers. These include Atari, Ubisoft, The Sandbox, Animoca, and Decentraland. A higher number of projects and publishers serves well to the community.

Polygon offers faster transaction speed, low gas fees, and a low carbon footprint. All these features will enable the partnership to strive for an immersive experience in blockchain gaming.

Earn Alliance brings several more features like a Web3 game directory, game feed wall, community & gamer profiles, and NFT badges.

Web3 game directory brings summarized information on games and other video game content. Players will no longer have to look around. Everything will be available right in front of them. Moreover, the Web3 game directory will include the background information related to the game along with an explanation of the genre.

Game Feed Wall works similarly to any other social media feed wall. Players get instant access to important information, industry tweets, discord events, and news. The relevance of the appearing content on the feed wall is subjected to customization by adjusting the search and filtering the information.

Players can alternatively choose to enter keywords for more precise relevancy. Community & Gamer Profiles apply to new and existing guilds. Players can look for different activities and badges. The engagement follows depending on what interests them the most. Rewards wait for anyone who goes ahead to participate in different activities. Higher participation opens the door to several rewards.


Progress will be stored and displayed in the profile section. Players can click and view their last standing on an activity or a game with all their achievements so far.

NFT Badges come after players have finished a task. These are fuel for the reward and are issued on-chain. However, it is mandatory for players first to complete a specific task before NFT Badges are officially issued to them.

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