Polygon PoS now powers Verify by Fox Corporation

Polygon Labs has announced that it has joined hands with Fox Corporation to support Verify. The protocol helps creators provide authenticity to their content in a world where the rise of Artificial Intelligence is making it convenient for malicious actors to break the barriers of legitimacy. The objective is to prove the authenticity and provenance of the piece of content.

This could comprise a variety of articles, photos, and audio files. Verify by Fox Corporation, which is currently in public testing, is positioned to assist in effortlessly registering and safeguarding material by cryptographically signing on Polygon PoS.

It continues to help consumers because they can verify the source and know the actual delivery they receive. Polygon Labs stated in the announcement that there are already over 89,000 pieces of content registered with the site. Verify seeks to demonstrate how the future of media can exist on chains in the future.

Community members have appreciated the move, saying that the rise of AI-powered tools is indeed making it troublesome for enthusiasts. They have said that it is better to develop tools that come in handy to solve the problems of crypto.

Specifically, the public launch of Verify by Fox Corporation has paved the way to check the history and origin of content that has been registered.

The current development comes months after Fox Corporation launched a closed beta in August 2023. Content hosted by the protocol ranges from text to images, and all the affiliates of Fox have signed pieces – Fox News, Fox Business, and Fox Sports. The protocol is now open source, developed in-house, and built on Polygon PoS. This enables community members to contribute to the development and support of open source.

Such innovations have contributed to the 4.29 % rise in the value of MATIC. At $0.8459, the native token was last observed exchanging hands. The ascent can also be attributed to the manner in which Sandeep Nailwal engaged with the media.

He discussed the migration of MATIC to POL. As one of the founding members of Polygon, he praised the transition, stating that the technological advancement removed the perception that he owned an immutable token within the ecosystem. In addition, Sandeep has stated that POL is now operational and rewarding validators as expected.

Polygon is currently working on a roadmap for individuals to initiate and conclude their respective migrations to POL.


Moreover, Polygon Labs has announced that it will soon open the Libre Chain doors. The focus is on issuing and distributing tokenized assets while leveraging the security of Ethereum. The Libre Chain is tentatively scheduled to go live in the first quarter of 2024. Once live, the team will begin working on launching collateralized lending and automated balancing of managed accounts.

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