Polygon reaches out to the community to join the testnet

Researchers who happen to be with Polygon have reached out to the community to gain their active involvement, so far as the testnet is concerned. However, this happens to be a step under the fundamental characteristic of Ethereum, which has always looked to collective contribution on all important matters.

However, this puts all of the builders and developers in the position of being able to closely study the source code-available zero-knowledge (ZK) proving system that is responsible for the boosting of the Polygon zkEVM. The aspect to be looked into is the liveness in the present scenario. Incidentally, when Polygon delivered its zkEVM sometime in October, the future scope for scaling Ethereum became a possible factor.

In the present scenario, Polygon, from its end, has initiated a much-required ongoing audit of the Polygon zkEVM. This act has been carried out with the primary aim and intention of making sure all aspects related to the safety and security of this advanced technological marvel are absolutely in place and effectively functioning. To get the desired results from this significant exercise, Polygon has taken the assistance of two security firms. In turn, they will be solely responsible for closely studying and examining all 37 existing and important elements related to the zkEVM. 


According to reliable sources at the Polygon stable, where they are concerned, safety and security issues have always played the most important part, wherever and whenever there has been any technological breakthrough made from their quarters. In this case scenario, too, for them, the complete eradication of any supposed bug is of the topmost priority. Before the mainnet, the final testnet where Polygon zkEVM is concerned will be the addition of major upgrades to the code.

Trevor Holman

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