Polygon to Host FunToken’s Latest Upgrade XFUN

The impressive growth of the gambling industry in the crypto space has led to the creation of several projects dedicated to it. FUNToken is an iGaming startup intended to make crypto gambling easier, accessible, and seamless for the players. These tokens were created to give more power to the players over the assets by reducing the friction between the users and the operators. Moreover, 50% of the FUN coins are burned every year to make sure that token retains their value in the future.0

However, the token somewhat fell short of the results it intended to make due to high gas fees and scalability issues on Ethereum. These unaddressed issues on Ethereum have already made many projects shift to other networks. FUNToken enters this list by moving its new XFUN upgrade to the Polygon ecosystem. In addition to helping with the project’s sustainability, Polygon will also improve the experience of these novel upgrades with its gilt-edged solutions.

The latest upgrades include the XFUN tokens, XFUN wallets, and the XFUN casino. Polygon’s entry answers all the questions of scalability and allows players to access their funds in real-time with absolutely no hassle. The operational speed of the new ecosystem is expected to prove integral for the games on XFUN casinos. The new wallet feature is non-custodial and is entirely controlled by the users. The new integration will decrease the gas fees for operating the XFUN tokens to levels never seen before in iGaming.

The old FUN tokens can be swapped for the new XFUN tokens for a 1:1 ratio. The conversion will be effortless and can be done for the lowest possible rate in the market. The iGaming project has developed a new tokenomics to make the transfer to Polygon from Ethereum. Every swap for XFUN tokens will remove the old FUN tokens from circulation, creating a “dual asset deflationary ecosystem”. Users can find XFUN tokens in DPlay Casino and the newly launched XFUN Casino. The old FUN tokens will also be available in both places for simultaneous growth. 

CEO Adriaan Brink from FUNToken believes that integrating Polygon will help the 300,000 community of the project towards innovative areas like GameFi and metaverse. However, the roadmap directs more interest towards the conventional iGaming sector. Vice President Steven Haynes Bryson from Polygon expressed his delight by saying, “We are thrilled to support FUNToken, the largest iGaming community .”He went on to say that FUNToken will be able to leverage the technology of Polygon to address scaling issues and bring a smooth user experience at present and in the future. This integration will also bring Polygon closer to the iGaming industry. The network is planning to use its resources to “support decentralized, player-centric Web3 Gaming category” in the years to come.

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