Polygon X Unstoppable Domains: An easy login into Web3 apps

Polygon Labs recently announced a partnership with Unstoppable Domains. The parties collaborated to launch the .polygon Web3 domains.

With Unstoppable Domains’ assistance, users can now easily send NFTs and crypto, log into Web3 apps, and develop decentralized websites. The .polygon domains will also allow users to create their fully-owned virtual identities.

At the same time, the domains will represent their support for Polygon. Moreover, the domains will help users access a portable identity across 750 games, metaverses, and dApps. 

Sanket Shah, Polygon Labs’ VP of Growth Business Development, also talked about the recent development. According to Sanket, Web3 domains will help the Polygon community to use a virtual identity they completely own.

This identity will allow them to log into DeFi apps without revealing any personal data. In addition, users can use their identity to conduct crypto transactions without the hindrance of complicated wallet addresses. Everyone at Polygon Labs is delighted to make the digital identity a success, added Sanket.

Known for helping people create digital profiles, Unstoppable Domains also connect these identities with social media platforms. The platform also connects the identities with on-chain tokens, display badges, etc. With a successful launch, the platform is treating users with an exclusive 25% discount.

The discount can go up to 25 dollars on .polygon domains for 48 hours. After the sale, Unstoppable Domains will release exclusive access to .polygon digit and gaming domains. It will also present a chance to get the gamer .polygon tag or the much-anticipated digit domains, such as 00. a polygon.


Seeing how warmly the Polygon community has welcomed the decision, it is expected to be a major hit in the community. The partnership aims towards a user-owned digital identity and developing the Web3 ecosphere.

Scott Cook

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