Polygon zkEVM Delivered for the Upgradation of Ethereum

Polygon officially declared successfully and effectively delivering to the world their very own created Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet, with the positive view and aim of providing the means to make a complete difference where the existent functioning of the Ethereum is concerned, thus helping to give it that ultimate boost by empowering it so that it reaches the next height and level. 

Incidentally, Polygon is the first in the line of actively enabling zkEVM to connect with public testnet, with the assistance of an open-source ZK proving structure. Foreseeably into the future, Ethereum and its functioning and effectiveness will never be the same again and surpass all expectations.

Where the professional and expert team at Polygon is concerned, they announced the deliverance of the zkEVM sometime in July 2022. They were in the frame of correctly evaluating the significance of this enormous achievement in terms of the whole connected industry and Ethereum and the transformation possibilities in particular. 

The ultimate inclination and aim was to do the upgradation exercise on Ethereum with the assistance of zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. This was the instrument that indeed made the difference in the inevitably easy and continuous process of empowering Ethereum, a fact the entire involved community eagerly awaited. As of date, Polygon is receiving all the feedback regarding the zkEVM from the entire connected community and the expert opinions of the professionals in particular.

Roxanne Williams

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