Polygon zkEVM launches Dragon Fruit on Mainnet

Polygon Labs has announced that it has officially launched Dragon Fruit on Mainnet Beta. The upgrade is imperative from the point of view of Polygon, as it is the first Ethereum layer-2 solution to support the latest EVM opcode, PUSH0. Polygon Labs has called this the first major upgrade while emphasizing that users will not have to do anything from their end.

Developers, however, will have to make a few upgrades. This includes getting the latest versions of prover, node, and bridge services. All of their GitHub repos have been made available on the official website.

Users do not have to do anything from their end, but they will see changes in block hashes. There is no impact on past transactions or state roots following the rehash of L2 blocks. Polygon Labs has said that the change was necessary to deal with the way in which block hashes were calculated. The previous version would calculate them differently. The upgraded version has fixed order sorting in two ways:-

  • Transactions have been reprocessed
  • L2 block hashes have been recalculated

Previously, executor v1.1.x would leverage an unordered map of transaction logs to later sort them into ordered logs. Block hashes were calculated differently to cause issues.

According to the announcement, the team has identified and fixed a low-risk bug. Spearbit has audited the same. Dragon Fruit has also been tried by developers when it was on the public testnet. Developers who participated in the test phase can now verify the upgrade while white hats attempt to stress-test the upgrade.

The community has appreciated the development, with members calling it a truly seamless experience, just like Polygon always offers. Many members have also said they are now more bullish about zkEVM than before this upgrade.

This comes days after Polygon Labs shared the news about Canto expressing its intention of migrating to a ZK layer-2. It is powered by the CDK of Polygon, wherein CDK represents the Chain Development Kit offered by Labs. Canto is currently in the L-1 phase to boost DeFi’s functioning. A transition to Polygon CDK comes to light to construct a blockchain specifically for real-world assets.

With Canto joining Polygon CDK, it is sure that it will gain access to independence without letting go of the concept of modularity. Moreover, it will join the ecosystem of zk L2 for a faster and smoother experience. The agreement is currently under consideration, but there are all the possible chances that it will happen, especially since the intention is clear from both sides.

Core developers from Canto will gain the ability to build a zk L2, which extends to the principles of liquidity and permissionless sovereignty.

Dragon Fruit is now live on Mainnet beta in association with Polygon zkEVM. It now supports the latest version of EVM opcode, which is PUSH0.

Roxanne Williams

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