Polyhedra Network announces a partnership with Trusta Labs

Polyhedra Network has announced that it will join hands with Trusta Labs, calling it a strategic partnership to boost a seamless and trustless Web3 experience for users. Polyhedra Network selected Trusta Labs due to the company’s market leadership in Web3 identity and AI-driven reputation infrastructure development.

The benefits of the strategic partnership span across the ecosystem, meeting the needs of users and projects alike. For instance, users in the ecosystem gain insight into their behavior, while projects will be able to identify users who genuinely contribute to their development. At the center is the fundamental strength of the MEDIA Score, with a core focus on five aspects. These are engagement, monetary, identity, diversity, and age.

Other imperative user benefits include effective interaction with projects and assessing reward opportunities. Other benefits for projects include enhanced incentive distribution and the distribution of resources.

One reason why the partnership between Polyhedra Network and Trusta Labs is gaining appreciation from every corner is because it practically opens the doors to future collaboration.

In its official announcement, Polyhedra Network has expressed its commitment to engage in deeper collaboration, which is likely to include deeper interpenetration across its products. The network will expect to highlight more details about the current partnership in the coming days. Needless to say, what has been made public till now is merely the surface that they have scratched, or rather worked on, to cement the road for the future ahead.

Trusta Labs, on X as TrustGo, has confirmed the development by saying they look forward to exploring a new era and working together.

Members of the community are not precisely excited about the announcement. Most of them have said that Polyhedra Network could have gone with another platform since Trusta Labs often faces issues with the ability to put forward the identity. Some members of the community have also notoriously shared a meme to express themselves, with a character from a movie screaming, Oh no.

While the community has come up with mixed reactions, mostly negative, about the development, Polyhedra Network has assured that the strategic partnership with Trusta Labs will yield fruitful results in providing a frictionless and trustless Web3 experience to all users.

MEDIA Score by Trusta will play a crucial role in ensuring that the partnership works favorably and mutually benefits users and projects.

The development comes after Merkly announced the receipt of 500,000 ZK tokens from Polyhedra Network. Merkly has thanked them for expressing confidence in the ecosystem and enabling them to continue building upon their relationship. Merkly is now working to distribute reward tokens to a dedicated section of the user base.

A snapshot has been taken on March 12, 2024, at 8:00 UTC, and the distribution is slated to happen in the coming weeks.

Polyhedra Network and TrustGo, meanwhile, look to take their partnership forward with MEDIA Score, ensuring that projects and users have access to the benefits of Web3.

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