Polyient Games and Chainlink VRF come together for revolutionalize NFT space

In an important announcement, Polyient Games has announced its partnership with Chainlink to provide credible solutions around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) class. Just so you know, Polyient Games is the only credible name in the segment of NFTs besides having a huge presence in the gaming category. The company provides reliable financial solutions to investors, and its new collaboration is expected to further enhance the credibility of its financial services. On the other hand, Chainlink leads the market in the domain of decentralized networks based upon the oracle technology. The company also has a major say in the smart contracts category, where it provides smart contracts safe and secure access to data and systems.

Finer Details 

Polyient Games will utilize the verifiable randomness function (VRF) of Chainlink in order to power its new membership program, Polyient Games Founder’s Keys (PGFKs). Under this program, holders will be rewarded with different prizes and offers. The issue of distribution of these exclusive NFTs is important, and here’s exactly where Polyient will use the VRF technology from the Chainlink.

Chainlink has earned a place for itself in the industry – thanks to its decentralized oracle technology. This technology allows smart contracts to transfer the data using the highly secured network capability of the system. In fact, the company has found a place in the top 100 technology pioneer list recognized by the World Economic Forum for the year 2020.

This coming together is expected to provide the much-needed impetus that the NFTs as an asset category requires. NFTs need to expand on their adoption potential to become one of the mainstream avenues of earning, and the new collaboration will definitely help to widespread adoption potential of NFTs. The rewards to holders will manifest in the form of early access to the new products and services, reduction in the transaction fees, and other attractive giveaways.


There is a need to realize the potential of NFTs as an investment asset. In this regard, efforts are on, and it is only recently that companies and investors have started looking into NFTs as a credible investment option. This new collaboration marks a right step in the right direction and is expected to help NFTs strengthen its position as a credible investment option available in the market today.

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