Pomerdoge’s presale rally: The beacon of hope MultiversX and Decentraland traders needed

The ongoing Pomerdoge (POMD) presale rally emerges as a promising opportunity for MultiversX (EGLD) and Decentraland (MANA) traders. As these two legacy coins battle against the bear market, Pomerdoge is rallying to the occasion, presenting a beacon of hope. Let’s review the details of this presale and uncover why so many traders are already jumping on board.

Pomerdoge (POMD): A new contender in the memecoin universe

The world of meme coins is currently transforming. While Dogecoin held the throne for years, a new contender, Pomerdoge, is now challenging its supremacy with a play-to-earn structure and an endearing Pomeranian mascot.

Unlike Dogecoin, which has ridden the waves of speculation since its 2013 inception, Pomerdoge extends a tangible proposition to its community. The Pomerdog gaming universe will invite players to engage in global competition, earning rewards while enjoying the security and efficiency of the Ethereum blockchain.

Further enhancing its ecosystem, the Pomerdoge developers are rolling out the Pomerplace — a marketplace for in-game assets that enhances gameplay and offers gamers avenues for monetization.

Ensuring safety isn’t just a buzzword for the Pomerdoge crew. Their commitment to security is underscored by a successful audit carried out by Interfi Network and an assurance of permanently locked liquidity.

The current Pomerdoge presale has made significant waves, attracting countless crypto enthusiasts eager to grab POMD tokens at the enticing $0.0014 rate, anticipating price ascents in the future. Experts in the field are drawing parallels with Dogecoin’s meteoric 2017 rise, even projecting a potential spike to a $1.00 benchmark in the near future.

While several meme coins have briefly shimmered before dimming, Pomerdoge’s unique blend of an engaging earning model and genuine value propositions sets it apart. Holders of the falling Decentraland and MultiversX tokens now have a beacon of hope in the POMD token.

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MultiversX (EGLD): Analyzing the decline in TVL and price

MultiversX was once regarded as a promising contender in the world of cryptocurrency. However, the project has lost its luster in the face of increasing competition. Despite its rebranding from Elrond to MultiversX and introducing three innovative metaverse-focused products, the project’s popularity seems to be declining.

The Total Value Locked (TVL) of MultiversX paints a telling picture, plunging from a striking $2 billion in mid-March to a mere $85 million now. This dip mirrors its price trend, showcasing a staggering decline of 95% from its pinnacle of $542.58 to a modest $24.41.

Several factors contribute to this slump. MultiversX’s frequent pivots have stirred skepticism among its investor base. Additionally, as the metaverse narrative begins to ebb, MultiversX hasn’t been able to ignite the enthusiasm that competitors have managed.

Market experts point out that MultiversX’s price trajectory is entwined in a downward channel, underscoring the critical importance of the $25 support level. With this key threshold now compromised, MultiversX could slip to the $15 support level shortly.

Decentraland (MANA): The metaverse dream and the shift to Pomerdoge (POMD)

Decentraland has been a poster child of the metaverse craze, rising to dizzying heights of $9.42 billion in market capitalization at one point. However, similar to MultiversX, its shine is beginning to fade. The Decentraland price has plummeted from all-time highs of $5.90 to $0.2887, signaling a 95% drop in its price.

Despite global corporations showing initial interest in Decentraland, user adoption has been painfully slow. Decentraland’s transaction count is in the doldrums, with predictions of 30-600 daily users at the start of 2023. This needs to be better for a project with a billion-dollar market capitalization.

With Decentraland seemingly losing steam, all eyes have turned to Pomerdoge as the next virtual currency of choice. Decentraland has now slipped below the $0.30 support zone, and analysts predict a further downward trajectory to $0.20 soon.

In contrast, Pomerdoge has jumped from $0.009 to $0.0014 as speculators worldwide snap up tokens. Its growing community of dedicated investors is becoming a beacon of hope in this crypto winter as Pomerdoge has demonstrated the resilience to weather the storm.

Find out more about the Pomerdoge (POMD) presale today:-

Website: https://pomerdoge.com/

Telegram community: https://t.me/pomerdoge

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