Pool-X Teams Up With KardiaChain To Launch Staking Option For Investors

Serving the crypto space with its high-end trading services, Pool-X exchange has announced its strategic collaboration with KardiaChain to launch a $KAI-60D staking program for its global customer base. The staking event will start from 00:00:00 on July 23, 2020, and will run through 23:59:59 on September 20, 2020 (UTC+8). The launch news was broadcasted in the crypto domain through an official Twitter post by the Pool-X team. The post read:

As per the report, the users will be able to stake their KAI-60D assets to avail of an APR of 25% excluding the POL mining during the event. The subscription period has been scheduled between 20:00:00 on July 20, 2020, to 23:59:59 on July 22, 2020 (UTC+8). Apart from the staking benefits and rewards, the users will be given a share of the POL mining rewards every day during the stipulated time period. The hard cap of the platform is 70,000,000. The soft cap of an individual user is fixed at 1,000 and the hard cap is set for a limit of 500,000 in the event.

The offer shall remain open for all the KuCoin users throughout the subscription period decided. The users need to go to the Staking page of the Pool-X exchange official website and lock their favorite asset for staking.

Prerequisites of Participation

  • The participants willing to take part in the activity and stake their assets need to be duly registered on the KuCoin exchange.
  • During the subscription period, no staking rewards of the staked assets and POL mining rewards will be generated by the crypto exchange team.
  • The users will not be allowed to redeem Fixed Products in advance before the deadline of the staking period.

By accepting the norms, the participants affirm that their inclusion in the staking activity is voluntary and the KuCoin Group has not forced, interfered with, or influenced their decision in any manner. The exchange is not responsible for users’ investment gains or losses and all the decisions shall be at the user’s discretion only.


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