Pop social incorporates Polygon’s zkEVM framework

Pop Labs takes pleasure in coming out with its official announcement of Pop Social, having incorporated Polygon’s zkEVM framework. Through this incorporation, both entities will be involved in furthering the growth of Web3 social media acceptance. In the case of the Pop social media platform, it is ready to bring another billion users within Web3. The advantages that come out of Web3 social media will be made available to builders, as well as consumers all over the globe. 

Together, both Pop, as well as Polygon will be effectively utilizing the crypto-conventional user base of the former. There will also be the involvement of Polygon’s strong framework. They will, in time, take the assistance of Polygon’s decentralized ecosystem for carrying out mass acceptance and the onboarding of an expected surge of users within Web3. Pop will be engaged in setting up social portability through Polygon zkEVM, as well as Polygon IDs’ conventional method. Further to that, the Pop ecosystem will be incorporating the present interoperable wallers along with DeFi, NFTs, and social protocols within Polygon.

Through the utilization of the Pop social platform framework, it will be possible for Pop to provide SDK and API to developers to carry out the creation of fresh social verticals on Polygon and Pop. In the case of mass acceptance and the creation of a community, the incorporation will help Pop’s crypto-conventional and Web2 users. In the bargain, Polygon’s user base will increase.  

The high-end technology that comes with Polygon will pave the way for the growth of Pop DApps. Pop social users will benefit from lesser transaction costs and faster transactions. They will also be exposed to a higher degree of safety, coupled with decentralization and interoperability with EVM adaptable chains. They will gain access to the current tools and codebases belonging to the Polygon ecosystem. The incorporation comes with a decentralized identity which is provided by the Polygon ID function.

Pop social brings with its attributes such as tokenomics, as well as SocialFi items and governance perks. There are unique NFTs, Raid to Earn, and AI-boosted content creation incorporations. Pop has formed an association with the Prysm Group to create a manageable tokenomics system. 

Through this, Pop Social is able to make certain that there is an on-chain calculation algorithm with regard to cyclic token emissions. In the case of SocialFi, builders will have the opportunity of coming up with their conventional social media achievements with the help of Pop’s SoulBound Token NFTs. Where GameFi is concerned, the users will be able to position their profile on the application and get access to treasure chests for obtaining special prizes. As for governance, all PPT owners can carry out the process of governance within the Opo social ecosystem. 

Through the incorporation, it will be possible for Pop social media builders to shift their achievements from the conventional social media areas to the Pop DApp. Further to that, safety is assured in the case of the Pop DApps from all external threats. With the utilization of Pop’s crypto-conventional user base, Polygon will be able to increase its own user base and also create social media avenues inside of the Pop social platform. 

Polygon Labs is actively engaged in the development of Ethereum upgrading solutions in terms of Polygon protocols. The entity also connects with various developers of the ecosystem in order to provide access to an upgradable and cost-effective blockchain framework for Web3.  

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