Pornhub Model Riley Steele Shows Support for Verge (XVG) After Paypal’s Withdrawal

Riley Steele, the ravishing star of popular classic Piranha 3D, has stated that she has been exploring cryptocurrencies as an unprecedented replacement for traditional payment networks to channelize her income sources conveniently. The bold porn star grabbing the 486th spot on Pornhub aspires to move to the digital currency arena completely by the coming year.

Interestingly, there has been quite a lot of chaos in the Pornhub industry in the past few weeks, with PayPal crushing the payment ecosystem of the largest porn site network on the internet. PayPal gave a major blow to the PornHub community by putting a halt on processing payouts from the payments gateway network. Alarmingly, the critical decision had an unfavorable impact on more than 100,000 models of the PornHub website.

According to a statement given by a spokesperson of PayPal, the strict action was taken in response to the business payments made by PornHub without seeking prior permission from the payment facilitator. The company stopped processing payouts to put an end to such transactions in the future.

The sudden pull-down of PayPal has undoubtedly affected the site’s models and customers in more than one way. While some are cribbing over the issue, there has evolved a certain class of people who are taking it as an opportunity to delve into the site’s less-centralized payment solutions like Verge (XVG).

Models like Riley Steele have shown a keen interest in adopting cryptocurrencies as a medium of payments and transactions in the industry. During the interaction, the actress stated that

In an attempt to get more independent business people like me to adopt cryptocurrency, companies like [Verge] are making it easier for circumspect customers to accept crypto payments, but it’s still a struggle to convince long-time PayPal users to get on board. My personal business still isn’t as lucrative as it was five years ago.

XVG was added to the PornHub network in the year 2018 as a payment option. The event grabbed a lot of negative publicity as Verge raised widescale community funds to cement the collaboration. Though the porn community is giving the nod in favor of cryptocurrencies, there still exists an air of uncertainty.

PornHub supports TRON as well as a payment option other than Verge. Though, XVG is fast establishing itself as a major player on the network.

At present, XVG is down by 5.6% on the day to $0.004350, thereby placing the coin with a $69.9 million market cap.

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