Porsche’s Web3 plan revealed: 7,500-piece NFT via 911 collection

In recent times, the undoubted giant in the field of automobiles, Porsche, took time off to formally declare the deliverance of a unique and sophisticated NFT collection comprising 7,500 pieces. All of these, incidentally, happen to be based on their classic Porsche 911 model. This entire collection is slated for an official introduction to be duly made sometime in January 2023.

The most significant and high-lighting factor of this event will be that each piece of this celebrated collection will be methodically and meticulously created and designed by the very famous master of his craft, Hamburg-based designer and top-of-the-line 3D artist Patrick Vogel. However, within a short period following the release, Vogel will jointly work with user input to prepare each NFT as a 3D asset in Unreal Engine 5.

According to Porsche’s Director of Brand Management and Partnerships, Deniz Keskin, the entire aim and intention behind this carefully crafted plan stem from his opinion that the need of the hour is to bring people under one roof and create avenues of connectivity.

He further adds that in his viewpoint, this also happens to be the very way of Web3 and its features and functions. Therefore, based on this thought process, the idea at Porsche is not to carry out this activity for an economically-based purpose. However, the web3 plans of the company are still in their infancy and will get a boost from this plan.

On the other hand, it is being done to fulfill the need and desire to connect more effectively with the audience. The ultimate vision, however, is to create the NFT designs with a decentralized proposal, allowing the consumers to make their contributions where the futuristic blockchain assets are concerned.

Roxanne Williams

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