Portal now supports Solana in its SDKs/APIs for embedded wallets

Portal has announced its support for Solana, a high-performance blockchain that provides exceptional transaction speed at a reasonable cost. This collaboration marks a watershed moment in the evolution of distributed ledger technology (DLT) by successfully introducing payment operations, tokenization, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Portal first became interested in Solana in 2021 when Visa introduced a new stablecoin settlement solution. The unease of the transaction procedure prompted a further quest for a more logical solution. Faster transactions and lower transfer fees were the main concerns of issuers, banks, and fintechs. 

By providing fast throughput and low transaction costs, Solana emerged as a new participant in 2020 to expand the scope of blockchain technology and address the constraints that prevent blockchain from being applied more broadly. Visa’s cryptocurrency division soon saw the potential of this technology, and instead of using payments for numerous applications, the crew opted to use the Solana blockchain.

As a major player in the blockchain industry, the network’s growth has been more consistent than ever, as the ecosystem is expanding at a never-before-seen speed. Portal’s announcement that it will run Solana on its runners, including SDKs and APIs for embedded wallets, is the most critical step in this drive to fully leverage the blockchain’s possibilities. This might potentially position specific Solana services and solutions to set milestones, putting them at the forefront of the dynamics of the future of digital transactions. 

The collaboration gets off to a great start with a roster of partners that showcases Portal’s creativity inside the Solana ecosystem. Among these partners are Slingshot, a seamless and cross-chain DeFi trading platform; Metawealth, a technology that opens up on-chain real estate investing; and Colosseum, the largest Hackathon Series & Accelerator in the Solana ecosystem. These partnerships have the potential to revitalize the Solana ecosystem by improving the quality of the products and making them accessible to developers and users alike.

Taking on Solana by Portal marks the start of a new era for the blockchain sector and a calculated move toward transforming it into a provider of reasonably priced, highly effective, and user-friendly digital asset solutions. 

With the help of Solana’s cutting-edge technology, Portal hopes to enhance the area by furthering the blockchain world’s development and evolution and opening up new avenues for advancing and using technologies that will help the digital economy. This strategic alliance indicates that the partners share a similar vision for the future of blockchain technology, which suggests that it will lead to a transformation of the way assets are managed in the digital age and how businesses are now run.

Scott Cook

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