Positive CPI News for Canadians: No Need to Wait for Inflation to Go Back to 2%

After a constant economic struggle, the Canadian economy is finally getting a breather. The Bank of Canada recently stated that its annual inflation rate eased to 3.1% in October.

At the same time, its core inflation dipped to the lowest margins in two years. Experts had previously estimated inflation to drop to 3.2% in September. While the estimates were reached, it took a month for the economy to achieve it.

Meanwhile, it was noted that the CPI (Consumer Price Index) was up by 0.1%. The number matched the forecasts, while the BoC (Bank of Canada) revealed their target of 2% annual inflation.

The minor increase in CPI is significant for the economy, as it eases the route for foreign exchange trading. The movement has also pushed the Canadian dollar 0.2% higher, hitting 72.99 US cents. 

Royce Mendes, the Macro Strategy Head at Desjardins Group, stated that the central bank has been waiting for this progress. This progress should shut the slim window of additional hike rates for good.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) 

CPI measures the average price change over time consumers pay for a defined set of goods and services. The metric holds massive significance since it is used to assess inflation rates.

The index is a key indicator of the overall price levels in the economy. It tracks inflation while helping businesses, individuals, and policymakers understand the impact of increasing buying power. The Consumer Price Index 2023 for Canada has brought a sigh of relief for the government and general public alike.

Current Positive CPI Figures

According to Statistics Canada, the CPI has witnessed a 3.1% increase. Canada’s Annual Average Consumer Price Index in 2022 was 151.2, with a 6.8% annual change.

The shrewd 7.8% drop in gasoline prices played a massive role in this growth. Similarly, grocery prices dropped to their slowest pace since November 2021.

Besides volatile energy and food, prices surged 3.4% compared to a 3.2% hike in September. Additionally, the inflation on goods slowed down to 1.6% in October. The BoC will release its next report after the Q3 GDP data.

Simon Harvey, Monex Europe and Canada’s FX Analysis Head, commented on the situation. According to Harvey, the recently released data highlights slack building in the labor industry, and the growth data hints at a shallow recession for Canada. This report has undermined the BoC’s hawkish bias altogether, added Harvey.

Factors Contributing to Positive CPI 

Nonetheless, the CPI’s positive change appeals to every Canada forex broker. Moreover, the shift reflects fleeting stability in inflation that can bring several positive economic results.

Inflation stability encourages consumers and businesses to make financial calls without any uncertainty of rapid price changes. It also leads to consumers spending more instead of hoarding finances.

Similarly, this stability can help businesses to maintain their profit margins. Moreover, it leads to price adjustments since they have to cater to customer loyalty as well.

Meanwhile, policymakers are guided by the CPI to adjust the monetary policy to reach the inflation targets. It also pushes policymakers to create an environment to sustain consumers’ confidence in the economy.

Coming back to the ongoing CPI in Canada, the BoC has shifted its focus to bringing down inflation to 2%. The target will be a massive adjustment, seeing how the Canadian economy barely hit 3.1% after a long time. However, every consumer, business and Canada Forex Broker will root for the objective.

International Economic Context  

Even the current inflation rate in Canada seems decent compared to the global inflation rate of 6.9%. The USA is in the same boat as Canada, with an inflation rate of 3.24%. The rate is set at 4.60% for the United Kingdom. Japan is also trading at a similar pace, with an inflation rate of 3.30%. 

The current rates appeal to every trader and Canada Forex Broker as the nation keeps up with strong economies. And given the current market conditions, the Canadian economy is also expected to settle down for a while.



The Bank of Canada has brought smiles to businesses, consumers, and policymakers with its latest announcement. The central bank stated that the region’s inflation rate has been brought down to 3.1%.

The nation rejoiced as the gasoline and food prices played massive roles in decreasing the rate. As soon as the news was broken to the public, the BoC announced its aim of chopping the rate down to 2% in the next term.

The news pleased traders in Forex Canada as it ensured stable economic conditions and market certainty. Now, the traders are eyeing optimal use of the conditions, given how Canada has reached this status after a couple of years.

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