PowerPod teams up with peaqosystem

PowerPod, an electric vehicle (EV) charging network focused on blockchain technology, has formed a partnership with peaqosystem.

PowerPod aims to create a real-world effect by speeding up the process of shifting from fossil fuels. For this, PowerPod is bringing down the biggest obstacle pertaining to the entry of potential EV purchasers and users through the democratization of connectivity with charging points with regard to owners of vehicles and users internationally. 

Peaq has been selected to serve as the network’s Layer 1 in the process of creating and distributing the PowerPod DePIN and token. 

As an environmentally favorable alternative, EVs are gaining popularity. The lack of essential infrastructure, such as chargers, is an obstacle to this solution. 

PowerPod is in the process of developing a platform that will enable users to offer their electric vehicle (EV) chargers to other drivers in exchange for compensation. A decentralized framework network in the physical world (DePIN) for community-owned electric vehicle charging stations.

PowerPod is actively involved in the development of several hardware devices, such as a charger, a smart charger adapter, and a travel adapter that allows electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles using standard electrical receptacles, in addition to the application that facilitates these interactions. The devices will include a DePIN to manage charging session data and enable drivers to transact in exchange for energy. 

PowerPod intends to adorn their devices with peaq IDs, enabling them to connect with the blockchain and seamlessly integrate with the peaqosystem. Peaq will be implemented for the purpose of data storage, and its token will ultimately be placed on the Peaq mainnet. A rewards system shall be implemented to grant users the tokens necessary to engage in DePIN transactions. 

According to Ting, Co-Founder of PowerPod, the DePIN module is suitable for realizing the full potential of the EV space. The company invites people to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future on a global scale by leveraging Web3. 

Till Wendler, Co-Founder of Peaq, stated that it is exciting to see PowerPod use the DePIN module to bridge the gap in the EV market and provide better solutions.

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