Premiere of Season 1 of Blankos, Giveaways, and Prize Announcement

A crypto game called Blankos Block Party was recently published via Mythical Games on the Epic Games Store. The video game has announced a variety of competitions, prizes, and freebies in advance of the start of its inaugural season.

The premiere of Blankos Season 1 is in 2 weeks. Mythical Games, one of the leading blockchain gaming platform will host activities, including the El Cha Texas Competition, Public Reward Bonuses, Atari Mystery Box giveaway, and Atari Joystick Blanko Grand prize over these 2 weeks.

Up until October 13, 2022, the Atari Mystery Boxes will also be offered at a discounted rate. It costs 1000 Blankos Bucks or $9.99 for each Mystery Box. Since only a few boxes are accessible, gamers must get them before they run out. Any one of the four Atari Blankos – Pong, Centipede, Tempest, and Joystick – will be included in the surprise package.

For obtaining each Atari Blanko, there’s a 25 percent fee. The next giveaway from Mythical Games will include Ten winners who will each get a Joystick Blanko at random. Entries for the Joystick Competition will be postponed until September 19, 2022, at 18:59 UTC.

Sign in to the gameplay, snap a picture of your Blanko standing right in front of the Blankos x Epic Games poster in the Terminal, then react to the initial Post on Twitter with your picture using the hashtags #BlankosGiveaway and #BlankosxEpic. After that, a required Survey questionnaire containing the necessary information must be completed to be eligible to enter the prize.

Blankos’ creators have offered huge prizes for every player contributing to the game’s community expansion. Players will get special incentives in the first week of launch if they reach one of 3 milestones.

The first milestone is achieving 45K Followers on Twitter and 175K Discord members. If completed, Season 1 players will receive 2 Gumballs and 2000 Moola for logging in the first week of the season.

Achieving 60K on Twitter and 200K on Discord with MileStone 2. Players will get 2 Gumballs, 2000 Moola 5000 XP Chips, and the Terry Blanko giveaway will become available if they login within the first week of Season 1.

Hitting 100K on Twitter and 250K on Discord for MileStone 3. If completed, the initial week of Season 1 will reward people who check in with 2 gumballs, 2000 cash, and 5000 XP chips, enabling the Terry Blanko prize and the Blanko Community Grand prize.

Parallel to the Atari Joystick Blanko prize is the El Cha Texas offer. The El Cha Texas Blanko will indeed be distributed to ten people chosen at random by the group. Gamers must enter the game, take a picture right before any Taco Stand, and react to the initial Post on Twitter with their picture to be eligible to win. Afterward, you must submit a Google form. On September 12, 2022, The El Cha Giveaway, unfortunately, came to an end.

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