Preparations Being Bade for a Possible IPO By Cybersecurity Firm McAfee

Over the course of the past decade and a half, cybersecurity has become one of the most important industries in the world. As the world gets more connected, and more data is produced every day, the importance of cybersecurity is going to increase manifold. In such a situation, it is only natural for cybersecurity companies to try and raise more money from the markets so that they can further expand their business. However, when it comes to McAfee it is a bit different, considering the fact that the company has managed to grow into one of the biggest cybersecurity companies in the world. In a new development, it has now emerged that the company is now making preparations for having its own IPO.

Considering the fact that McAfee has comfortably emerged as one of the world’s preeminent cybersecurity firms in the world, it is a sound move from the company to finally cash in on its success. According to sources which are close to the developments, the company has apparently roped in underwriters and is exploring the possibility of an IPO that could give McAfee a valuation of as much as $8 billion. Over the years, the company has grown into one of the biggest names in the cybersecurity industry, and along the way, chip-making giant Intel picked up a stake in McAfee as well. The banks who are working with McAfee with regards to this IPO is Bank of America and Morgan Stanley, in addition to a banking syndicate. However, the sources have also reiterated that no final decision has yet been taken regarding the IPO and things could still change eventually. That being said, if the IPO does happen, then it is going to take place at some point in the fall this year.

This has been the year of IPOs on Wall Street, with mega startups like Uber and Lyft have listed on the stock exchange. While it is true that the markets are currently going through a bit of turmoil due to macroeconomic issues like the US-China trade war, it needs to be pointed out that most of the cybersecurity IPOs have proven to be successful. Hence, if McAfee does eventually go for its IPO, then there is every chance of the whole thing becoming a resounding success. It remains to be seen what the company decides in the end.

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