Presales of new crypto boom as metaverse projects gain momentum

Cryptocurrencies and metaverse projects share a direct relationship. The fundamental principle is that cryptos, or virtual currencies, make up for the way in which transactions happen in the metaverse, the virtual world. Users must first acquire virtual currency to get started with their journey into the virtual world.

There is a certain cost involved in the purchase of cryptocurrency. Platforms hike the price when they offer tokens to the general public. A way to boost the adoption of their crypto is by offering it to users at a discounted price. This happens in combination with getting a head start ahead of the launch. That is when the crypto presale happens.

As more metaverse projects enter the market, the demand for their native virtual currency moves upward. Other cryptos can be used, like BTC and ETH, for instance. However, native tokens do a better job of saving additional user costs. This includes transaction fees and gas fees, to mention a few.

Here’s a breakdown to better explain the relationship between cryptocurrency presale and metaverse projects.

Metaverse Projects Gain Traction

Virtual projects continue to grow. The likes of Decentraland and The Sandbox are only a couple of examples. Others include ApeCoin, Axie Infinity, and Illuvium. Call it hype, but the trend is picking up pace across the world. SAND is the native token of The Sandbox. MANA has an association with Decentraland.

The higher the demand for upcoming metaverse projects, the better it works for crypto presales, considering most of them announce their own tokens right from the beginning of the project.

Investor Enthusiasm Surges

Tokens that are acquired in the presale have the tag of discounted price. They can be traded on the board for a higher price. Hence, for a profit. Investors have taken note of the situation and come to the understanding that the benefit is in acquiring tokens by participating in the best crypto presale event and then selling them when access to general users goes live. Some of the events to look forward to are Bitcoin Minetrix, eTukTuk, and SURF Reward.

A growing adoption of crypto and metaverse projects is instilling a sense of confidence among investors.

Emerging Opportunities

Developers and creators have a new way of showcasing their talent, forming a community, and connecting with those who would support their initiatives. At the core lie blockchain technology, the idea of decentralization, and public governance. Their objective is to put the project on the internet and let people come together to make it more interesting.

Benefits, monetary or non-monetary, are shared among developers, creators, and community members. Another opportunity that everyone comes across is earning yields from their holdings. The principles of crypto staking platform have been integrated into metaverse projects. They enable users to stake tokens that have been bought during the presale.

Market Expansion

Expansion has two meanings in this context: one, where projects keep flooding the market, and two, where existing projects keep growing. So far, the metaverse and presale events have successfully attempted both ideas. They have helped developers, with an influx of funding and creators, explore diverse horizons.

Innovation is only obvious as more users onboard metaverse projects, especially via crypto presale events. It gives them the benefit of early birds while helping the project get started with developments through funds.


Metaverse projects are the captains of the ship called the crypto market. More metaverse projects pave the way for more tokens to enter the wallets of users. With metaverse projects gaining momentum, it is only right to assume that there is a boom of new crypto presales waiting to happen every day.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook got into crypto world since 2010. He has worked as a news writer for three years in some of the foremost publications. He recently joined our team as a crypto news writer. He regularly contributes latest happenings of crypto industry. In addition to that, he is very good at technical analysis.

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